Making soap from recycling used oil in Douala, Cameroon

From June to September 2013, GIC Bellomar carried out a survey on pollution from hotel complexes in Douala.  The study showed that, on average, a four star hotel will throw away  30 litres of used oil every week – meaning that each hotel throws 1560 litres of used cooking oil per year into the city’s waterways.

In response to this problem, GIC Bellomar has developed a ‘waste to wealth’ process that lead to produce a marketable product – soap – from this waste product. In order to promote its under the framework of its ‘Waste to Wealth’ Project by its network of poor entrepreneurs and micro entreprise built up, FCTV organised a technical dedicated training workshop from 15 to 16 January 2014.

The key modules covered during the workshop include:

  • How to collect the raw material;
  • Techniques of transformation;
  • Quality control on products;
  • Developing a marketing strategy;
  • Ensuring good customer service.

a Training manual and a technical factsheet have been developed and you can be in touch with them by contacting us, here

Coming soon, the support after training that will be given by the project to support the most competitive and effort-driven enterprises that attended this training with the purpose to come up with small business production and commercialise units in Douala, Cameroon.

An article has been published on cleanleap, here is the link forward:

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