Plastic waste collection workshop

In December 2011, January 2012 et plus récemment en Janvier 2014, FCTV organised a series of 2 days workshop. Each workshop was aiming to sensitise and train civil society actors including communities and local authorities on plastic waste collection, treatment and storage techniques before making them available to the market. In total, 72 participants attended these series from 36 organisations or institution.

the two first workshop have been facilitated by our partner CIPRE while the last one, has been conducted by our Consultant from GIC Bellomar.

Five modules have been presented and two case studies were reviewed as exercises:

  • Mod 1: The issues of plastic waste in urban areas
  • Mod 2: Plastic waste collection and treating techniques
  • Mod 3: Plastic waste market
  • Mod 4: How to create an enterprise
  • Mod 5: How to develop and manage a partnership
  • Case study 1: How to ensure better collection of plastic waste in the city of Douala
  • Case study 2: Financial analysis of an operation of plastic waste collection and treating

A manual for entrepreneurs, that will be interested to create a business around plastic waste collection and treating, has been developed and can be found upon request to FCTV, here

Here are links forward each workshop report (in french version):

Rapport atelier collecte_13 et 14_Dec2011

Rapport atelier PA du 06-01-2012

RAPPORT DE L’atelier aux technique de collecte 24-25 Jan_2014


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