Turning plastic waste into paving stone or brick

FCTV under the framework of the ‘Waste to Wealth’ Project organised a technical training workshop of 10 days (12 – 22 March 2014) on how to make paving stone or brick from plastic waste. It took place at the ADEC’s site. It has been facilitated by the Consultant, GIC Bellomar which were represented by its technical expert (Pierre Kamsouloum – a Cameroonian plastic paving tiles expert) and its CEO, Martial Oden Bella under the supervision of the project team.

The key modules covered during this training workshop

  • Generalities on plastic waste, issues and sanitary and environmental challenges behind
  • how to collect, sort, treat and store plastic waste?
  • how to turn them into paving tiles?
  • safety and hygiene rules to be followed whilst producing paving tiles made from plastic waste
  • The ways forward business

There were 21 individuals from civil society, SME, and local authority in Douala.

A Training manual and a technical factsheet have been produced and handed over to participant. They still available, being in touch with us, here

The two-week intensive training was very successful and plastic paving tiles will soon be on the market in Douala as the next stage after this will facilitate the creation of pilot production units within the PPP framework between Councils and SME who attended the training, committed and willing to promote this technology.

An article around this technology has been published on cleanleap’s website by our partner Living Earth Foundation.

Our Partner Living Earth has also introduced this technology in Makeni, Sierra Leone

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