FCTV has mobilised students to conduct a baseline survey on sanitation services in Douala slums

From 06 to 10 May 2014, 6 students from high schools in Douala have conducted interviews and baseline surveys in 24 slum areas in Douala. These actions have been taken under the Waste to Wealth project.

At each slum area, they:

  • identified and discussed with resident committees around sanitation mechanism and system being put in place
  • walked around slum areas to make they own assessment of the sanitation conditions and current practices
  • produced report that provide recommandations to FCTV staff to support communities the most as part of the W2W project.

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Here, we brought two reports for your reference, they can be uploaded here:

Field report_1

Field report_2

Remerciement à nos stagiaires: BITODEN A NGAE  Marthe Nicole, Aoudou MOUCHILI, Rolande EKEN DJIETCHEU, Daniel  TOKSIA,  Alima MAPE et Muller MANDOU TENKEN.

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