The Wonders of the Solar bulb continue – Fini l’obscurité en plein jour grâce aux bouteilles de lumière aux quartiers Elig-Edjoa, Etam-Bafia, Briqueterie et Emombo de la ville de Yaoundé

Noble Energy Cameroon Ltd, a petroleum company operating in Cameroon has been in touch with FCTV with the regard to their social responsibility duties. After a meeting with the staff in our office in Yaoundé, they were expressed by what have been achieved so far by the foundation in the field of alleviating energy poverty through its Urban Slum Programme. A particular project drawn their attention: the solar bulb project. During four (04) months (September – December 2014) with their financial support, we were able to train 11 young people from that quarter on how to build and install a solar bottle light. 1 000 dwellings from that area have been aware about the benefits of this gadget and 1 019 solar bulb have been installed for the profit of 350 households in Elig-Edzoa.

The final report of this further initiative on solar bulb can be uploaded, here

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