Local Government Seminars


FCTV has organised several seminars and meetings with local government and international development organisations operating in Cameroon. They are integral part of the Low carbon energy project.

With the government officials, those events used impacts and lessons from the project to influence and inform them around the social, economic and environmental benefits with climate change mitigation through the establishment of a good environment for the growth of low carbon energy product at local level as well as around mechanisms to mainstream climate change adaptation indigenous knowledge into communities. Key resolutions and conclusions have been secured on the following reports uploadable by clicking on these links:

Meeting with OCN LA report

LG_Seminar_29-30 Avril 2014

Advocacy Seminar Report

Rapport_Final_Atelier (LCE)_02.07.2015

With international organisations, FCTV were looking to link its initiatives with other programmes such as CLUVA and APP to better advocate for the growth of the low carbon emission technologies and the dissemination of climate change adaptation indigenous knowledge. The project staff met Coordinators in Cameroon of these two programmes.

More detail on the following links:



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